The Opportunity

Turn your passion into profit.

licensing model
The Print Refinery™ is an independent licensed business model created by artists, designers and photo enthusiasts. We are not a stuffy franchise, and we think owning a business should be as fun as our trade. So, we give creative people the opportunity to turn their skilled talents into profit – without all the restrictions of a typical printing franchise. With stand-alone and co-branded licensing opportunities, we can get your location up and running in as little as 90 days.
The Print Refinery™ model is also highly compatible with print shops, camera stores, stationery boutiques, gift shops and portrait studios. Tell me more about the benefits of a licensed model.









2 trillion mobile images are being captured this year. A global record high. The mobile imaging revolution we live in creates countless opportunities to capture revenue. The Print Refinery™ enables mobile pho-togs to print their selfies, turn their Instagram shots into wall décor and safely store hours of video footage. This gold mine of opportunity isn’t going anywhere!

A booming creative movement. We’re a society that craves creative experiences and custom products – things you can’t find at a big box store or online retailer. Brands like Etsy, Pinterest and HGTV have discovered considerable success in this area, and so has The Print Refinery™. We deliver profitable, on-trend creative solutions and learning.

Increasing demand for large format printing in commercial applications. The demand is so great that commercial printing has become an $84 billion industry. Think about the opportunities – every single business out there needs printed materials and marketing tools. The Print Refinery™ captures market share in this rapidly growing revenue channel. Produce stunning wall murals, compelling display graphics and visually impressive signage for clients like universities, museums, event promoters and realtors – the list goes on.

The rise of personalization. Custom, one-of-a-kind creations are quickly gaining popularity. Consumers love putting their mark on everything from home décor to unique gifts. When you give a personalized gift, you’re giving more than the item itself. You’re sharing a feeling and creating the perception that a lot of care and thought went into that gift.

Hands-on learning is gaining traction – and it’s vital to our bottom line. Why? Because it creates lasting local connections and clients for life. Once you teach someone a skill or inspire them to create, they are forever loyal to the brand. Your location becomes a design studio where guests create one-of-a-kind art pieces, learn to take better pictures and discover techniques for preserving their family heritage. From Instawalk meetups to hands-on make-and-take events, our boutique DIY courses drive revenue.