Store Design + Site Criteria



The Print Refinery™ locations are thoughtfully designed to inspire creativity and engage guests with an experiential retail atmosphere. Clients are instantly attracted to stunning gallery walls, product samples and beautiful mural graphics that showcase our collection of capabilities. To compliment the space, an open layout with natural light is strongly recommended.

Licensees are also encouraged to incorporate a bit of local culture into their locations by using imagery and artwork from local photographers and artists.

Store Design Elements:

  • Source guide and purchase orders for all construction elements and furnishings: flooring, lighting, wall treatments, consultation counter, workstations, display tables, merchandise fixtures and monitors
  • Plan-o-grams, graphics, instructions and source guides for all displays and merchandising
  • Guidelines for restroom(s), optional children’s area and overall sensory experience

The Site

Real estate criteria are incredibly important and influence the viability of the your location. Although not required, we highly recommend sites with the following characteristics:


  • Good visibility from all angles
  • High traffic areas with two entry and exit points
  • Ability to make left-hand turns into and out of your site
  • Ample parking for team and guests

Stand-Alone Concept

Must be at least 1,000 square feet.

Store-Within-A-Store Concept

If your Store-Within-A-Store is more than 2,000 square feet, at least 800 square feet must be dedicated to PR store design elements.

If your Store-Within-A-Store is less than 2,000 square feet, the entire space must incorporate PR-branded design elements.