The right team can make or break you. An engaged team, rooted in a strong culture, is the ticket to customer experience and retention. Here are a few brief tips on attracting the right team members, developing their talents and keeping them engaged long-term.

  1. Define your culture and clearly communicate it to your existing team members, as well as new hires. Start from the very beginning – include it in your job descriptions.
  2. Have applicants and team members describe your culture back to you to guarantee comprehension; everyone on your team should be able to communicate your brand story.
  3. Hire against culture first and skills second; your team members should all share the same vision and values.
  4. Nurture your team members’ individual talents; their expertise should complement each other.
  5. Be a team player yourself. Pitch in to help and teach often. Don’t ask of your team members what you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself.
  6. Hire HAPPY problem solvers that are active listeners + open sharers. Communication on a team is key.

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