Last week we talked about how to attract, engage and develop the right team members. One very important piece of engagement and development is team training. While most employers provide job-specific, individualized training, it is important to supplement this with initial and ongoing training for your full team.

The first training piece should always be to immerse your new team members in your company culture and brand story. All team members should have the same training and be able to communicate all of this back to you following their training.

Consider standardizing this training with online course creation software. You can include slides, downloads, images and videos. You can even add quizzes and track how your team members score and which training modules they have completed. When instituting a new training module, make it interactive by offering it as an interactive game for the entire team. Offer treats and prizes for higher engagement while working through the module as a group.

Having team members go through uniform training creates a cohesive and consistent experience for your customers. Offering training in a group setting brings the team closer together. On occasion, bring in an outside trainer or materials on a topic that would be relevant for everyone (customer service, leadership, productivity, etc.).

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