Investment + Requirements


The Print Refinery™ operates as a licensed business model and is proud to be part of the member-owned, co-op organization, IPI – Member Network (IPI). Unlike a typical printing franchise, we decide how we want the business to run together. Best of all, you get to keep 100 percent of everything you earn, because we don’t take a percentage of your sales! With this business model, we’re able to hand the reins over to licensees. It’s your business, so you should call the shots.


With access to IPI’s network of Supplying Partners, members use their collective buying power to reduce costs spent on the equipment and supplies needed to run their businesses. Licensees of The Print Refinery™ participate in IPI profit sharing – the more that you sell, the more you purchase, the more you receive back!

What is the difference in pricing, commitment and requirements between a licensed model and a franchise?

A comparison of The Print Refinery license vs. a typical franchise:


Upfront fee

$7,500 vs. $45,000 (or $15,000 upfront + $30,000 over first 3 years)


Monthly fee

$600 vs. $3,000 (based on 8% of estimated average sales)


Minimum commitment

2 years vs. 20 years


Estimated total initial investment

$50,000 – $150,000 vs. $150,000 – $300,000

What type of oversight or restrictions are involved in a license?


With a licensed model, IPI has a very limited role in your business.

Other than your obligation to properly use The Print Refinery trademarks and maintain a minimum level of quality in providing business services associated with the trademarks, IPI does not restrict or dictate the manner in which you conduct your operations. A licensed model is not subject to sales reporting regulations. A Hallmark store would be an example of a licensed model. A McDonald’s would be an example of a franchise.



High margin potential

Margins up to 80% (based on average commercial project)


Endless sales opportunities

Multiple target markets for maximum sales results: healthy blend of in-store/online retail and outside/commercial


No sales percentage

Unlike most franchise models, The PR licensed business model doesn’t take a percentage of your sales.


Low initial investment

Estimated initial investment is only $50,000-$150,000 (construction, signage, furniture, fixtures, displays, business fees, technology, equipment, consumables, etc.).


Low startup fee

Just $7,500!


Low monthly licensing fee

$600 flat!


Minimal commitment

Minimum commitment is only two years.

“The PR business model easily aligned with our brick and mortar camera store. The print products and services became a great addition to our offerings and the PR training programs helped our sales team fully understand the massive profit potential. Today, our teams have complete confidence in saying, ‘Yes, we can do that!’ to just about any creative project.”

MacKenzie Hughes

The Print Refinery™ @ Fort Worth Camera - Ft. Worth, TX