“Create a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience.” – David Moth of Ecoconsultancy

Experiential retail attracts a “tribe” of influencers that makes your products and services its passion and visiting your business part of its lifestyle. People are more likely to associate positive emotions from an experience with a brand, encouraging higher customer lifetime value. The future sustainability of brick and mortar businesses is the emotional experience that customers have while inside those four walls.

“Shoppertainment” creates value. Your store should be an entertainment destination – an interactive playground that transports customers to another world. Pamper them and provide a fresh, fun and shareable experience. Provide a full range of learning experiences for everything photo, printing, technical, décor, business services – all of it! Offer tech support, one-on-one coaching, project consultation + collaboration, engaging group education and entertaining social events.

Give your customers something that they will love to do. Inspire creativity; enrich + enhance their lives; add value to their lifestyle. Capitalize on your expertise by teaching skills that lead to profitable repeat purchases in a comfortable, nurturing and social environment. Consistently improving their photography skills and regularly creating products to show off should become your customers’ new hobby! Get to know your customer, form a bond and forge a lifetime relationship that is based on repeat and referral business to establish a loyal brand culture.

We want your business to be the “third place”. https://theprintrefinery.com/

Customer Experience Musts:

  • Free wifi
  • Beverages + treats (for adults, children and dogs)
  • Celebration of local culture, teams, architecture and geography
  • Restroom that resembles highly appointed residential powder room
  • Beautiful, ready-to-gift packaging
  • Pleasant citrus or vanilla scent
  • Universally pleasing music that is upbeat and mid-volume
  • No clutter!
  • Absolute cleanliness!