Local brick and mortar stores, even with a strong online (even international) presence, should develop an engaged local following that keeps the physical location buzzing. So, how do you grow your tribe?

  • Partner with local celebrities, bloggers + influencers. Send them a sample gift of one of your products/services. Don’t skimp on the packaging and presentation.
  • Partner with local groups such as hobby meetups, service organizations and mommy networks. Speak at their events and invite them to your in-store events. Partner with them on their charitable causes.
  • Host frequent, fun and free events in-store (especially an annual open house – stay tuned for a future post for more details). Invite the entire community. Partner with other local businesses for maximum impact.
  • Encourage your team members to share your brand story on their social media channels.
  • Visit with other local business owners and make them aware of the services that you provide that can apply to their business.

The customers that are attracted by these initiatives are not only easier to retain, but much more likely to refer business to you. This “tribe of influencers” is the key to the highly effective art of word-of-mouth advertising. https://theprintrefinery.com